Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

On Marmaduke's cue, the Winslow family emerges from the house dressed in fine attire. For no other purpose than to benefit the reader, they state that every Sunday they dress up and go to a relative's home for a "bone-in-roast" dinner. Then they express their dismay that, despite the frequency of this event, Marmaduke is able to associate the dressing up with a bone for him.

In the car, Phil makes Dottie ride in the back so Marmaduke can ride next to him, exposing himself to oncoming traffic. Dottie asks when she can ride in the front, apparently in hopes of exposing herself as well. Phil replies that only when they get a sunroof in the back, which is probably the same as saying "when pigs fly." Phil obviously enjoys riding in close proximity to a large dog's private parts.

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