Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Realizing that he was paid by the hour and not by the dog, the officer phones in to say that Marmaduke got away. mj

An animal control office has managed to place a butterfly net over Marmaduke's head. It appears that a great battle had ensued prior to this, in which the animal control officer has had his legs broken and Marmaduke has lost both of his eyes. Marmaduke's loss of sight may explain his being motionless at the moment.

Although the officer is crediting with claiming to have captured Marmaduke, such a claim would only become reality once Marmaduke were in the small Animal Control van - a scenario which is highly unlikely to happen. It would be more feasible to believe that the officer is calling 911 to have his injuries treated..

One Year Ago (31 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Seeing Phil preoccupied with watching men on the TV, Dottie encourages Marmaduke to the bedroom.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

"Yeah, Mommy said what he'll do if you stop, but I don't know what 'sodomize' means."

Marmaduke has shown a romantic interest in Dottie's guest. Knowing that all attempts to dissuade the dog are futile until he's sated, Dottie remains hidden in the kitchen, sending an innocent child in to entertain the terrified guest. With Marmaduke's reputation, it's a wonder that anyone still visits the Winslow household.

The current guest's gender is unknown, but Marmaduke doesn't seem to care.

One Year Ago (30 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Taking his frustrations from home out at work, the guard refuses to allow little Billy to use the restroom.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Phil begins to think that putting super glue on Marmaduke's leash wasn't really a good practical joke.

Although Marmaduke normally roams free through the town, at times the Winslows feel compelled to attach a leash to him. Usually they only do this when the dog is at his most energetic. The end result is that the holder of the leash returns home more dead than alive after being dragged across the countryside. The only humor is that the dog's owner is too stupid to let go of the leash. Most times Phil is the stupid one, but on this occasion Dottie has shown that she can be equally lacking in keenness of mind.

Brad Davidson has decided to update this worn out joke by adding a "fancy, new" retractable leash in this comic, over 30 years after it was first invented.

One Year Ago (29 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Phil happily announces that he's learned to control Marmaduke by attaching the leash to the dog's testicles.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Marmaduke believes that if Dottie remains that way much longer, he may not be able to control his primal urges.

Dottie is bent over in a walk-in closet, placing a bag of garbage next to a vacuum cleaner. She's saying that it's the only safe place to hide something from "him." Who "him" is isn't specified, but Phil's face seems to express more fear of the vacuum than Marmaduke's.

Marmaduke on the other hand, seems aroused by the sight of Dottie's ass, reinforcing my assumption that the dog and his mistress have an illicit affair going on when Phil's not at home (or maybe when he is at home too).

The question here is, why do the Winslows keep their cleaning supplies in their bedroom walk-in closet?

One Year Ago (28 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

"No, I've never heard of them doing that with dogs - just little boys."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Marmaduke subtly shows the child her fate should she refuse to surrender her ice cream.

Marmaduke has regurgitated a human femur bone in Barbie's lap. Breathing his hot breath in her face from his tyrannosaurus sized mouth, he is now slobbering on her foot. Nonetheless the girl courageously maintains her composure and keeps control of her ice cream cone.

While Barbie's actions may seem commendable, she is only moments from losing the cone along with most of her right forearm. The next thing Marmaduke regurgitates may be a small radius and ulna bone.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

For once this comic starts out funny. In the first two panels we see that Marmaduke is pissed at his owners so he takes a dump in their little red wagon. Had the comic ended here I may have actually smiled. Unfortunately though, it drags on.

Marmaduke's obese and elderly neighbor wants to know why Marmaduke is barking. His physique would indicate that he probably has heart problems and the dog's ruckus is causing him stress. A large pig who I assume to be the man's wife, volunteers to go find out. Returning, she claims that the Winslows have banished Marmaduke to the yard for chewing on the remote and eating a roast beef dinner, among other things. Her sympathy for Marmaduke indicates that she learned this from the dog himself, and not from the Winslows. In the end she announces that Marmaduke is so angry that he's coming to live with them. To confirm this, we see Marmaduke pulling his doghouse on the little red wagon that he had defecated in.

Throughout the strip, Marmaduke never once utters a word of English, his only sounds being woof and whuf, with a solitary wuf thrown it. We are left wondering how this woman was able to understand this woofing and whuffing. Also unexplained is how Marmaduke was able to put his house on the little red wagon.

As the only one in the whole strip with enough body strength to life the house is the pig-woman, we are led to the conclusion that she has fabricated the whole story and, placing Marmaduke's house on the wagon, has enticed the dog to their house with the promise of more remotes. Had this strip continued for one more panel, we would probably see the old man on the floor in cardiac arrest, and the woman happily reading his life insurance policy.

One Year Ago (26 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Seeing a pig in a dress bending over his lawn chair, the old man swears off liquor forever.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Dottie and Phil are shocked to learn that Marmaduke's left rear leg is growing from his ass.

High Definition Television appears to give Marmaduke seizures. Either that or Dottie has just waxed the floor. Or maybe the Winslows forgot to lock the liquor cabinet.

Whatever the reason for Marmaduke's lack of motor skills, the dog shaking its ass in Phil's face has got him aroused and he's suggesting that they switch to Animal Planet in hopes of catching the mating special. Dottie seems more concerned by the fact that someone has tied one of the dog's legs in a knot.

A secret message can be sen on Marmaduke's collar

One Year Ago (25 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

His unemployment benefits at an end, Phil has begun eating his clothes.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Dottie tries to suffocate Marmaduke with a bag of food made from barf.

Once again Marmaduke is forced to eat "Barfoo" dog food. This could explain the abnormal physical development of the beast.

Here Dottie is complaining that Marmaduke won't let her pour the food in a bowl. Marmaduke however, is the more intelligent of the two here. Knowing that he'll most likely barf from his Barfoo, he already has his head in the combination dog food / barf bag.

One Year Ago (24 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

This comic is so stupid it didn't deserve to be captioned in the first place, let alone recaptioned. The average dog can run at about 19 mph while the maximum speed for most Segway models is only 12.5 mph. The best I can come up with for this abomination is:

At a loss as to how he can include a Segway in his comic, Brad Davidson draws two butterfly collectors chasing a maniacally grinning Marmaduke.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

The old woman was shocked to see that the dog had drunk the poisonous concoction she had prepared for her husband.

Marmaduke is pretending to sleep under the lawn chair, waiting for just the right moment to strike. The Winslow's fat, old neighbor is too drunk on Long Island Iced Teas to understand that when the dog stands up, he'll go flying over the fence along with his lawn chair. His wife (who apparently buys her dresses at the same store as Dottie) looks torn between telling him or siting down and waiting for the action to begin.

Too bad this is only a one-strip comic. It's the only Marmaduke in a long time that has had any potential for humor.

One Year Ago (23 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Little did Barbie know that she had solved the mystery of the missing "Barfoo Dog Food" worker.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Doubtful that a nose could be so large, Marmaduke decides to view it from another angle.

Marmaduke appears to be melting and toppling over onto an ugly woman who is about to clobber him with a plate of food. Dottie, under the misconception that Marmaduke is begging, is ordering him to stop. She should know that something is terribly wrong here as Marmaduke would normally just take the food without ever giving begging a thought. Perhaps this is what Dottie had hoped for as this would most likely cause the ugly woman to relinquish the couch.

Behind Dottie is a portal to a strange alien landscape.

One Year Ago (22 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Marmaduke quickly devours the visiting gnome before Phil can break out the photo album.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

To keep the dog out of trouble, Phil encourages Marmaduke to take up sports.

Having apparently ransacked a Sporting Goods Store, Marmaduke seems quite pleased with himself. Phil is surveying the scene and telling his neighbor that Marmaduke is a four-letter dog. Most people in the town have some four-letter words for Marmaduke, and probably some stronger words for Phil.

As always, Phil does nothing to discipline the dog. He seems to expect everyone to forgive Marmaduke for any and all of his transgressions, simply because Marmaduke is a dog and doesn't know any better. Despite having the strength of three horses, Marmaduke supposedly has the innocent mind of a child. Above we see Marmaduke smiling happily, surrounded by his ill-gotten goods, while Phil, always the victim, looks helplessly on, unwilling and unable to take corrective action.

But things are not always as they seem. Note the bowling ball between Phil and the dog. It would be quite difficult for even a large dog to transport a bowling ball. This would indicate that Marmaduke may have had human assistance.

My guess is that Phil is a kleptomaniac. It is he that has stolen all of the sporting equipment, as well as the other articles that appear around the Winslow yard from time to time. Knowing that Marmaduke has a bad reputation, Phil frames the dog hoping that Marmaduke's inability to reason will get him off the hook each time. Should he get caught, Phil says the dog did it, and returns the merchandise. Should he not get caught, he simply gathers up the articles and stores them in his house. I think the police would hit the jackpot should they search Phil's basement.

Summary: Phil's an ass.

One Year Ago (21 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

The guilt on the dog's face told Dottie everything - Marmaduke had made Phil a man.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Despite his inability to speak, Marmaduke finds a subtle way to tell Phil, "Get your wimpy ass the hell out of my chair."

Phil is seated in a shrunken armchair, whining that Marmaduke is using his sleeve like a napkin. Marmaduke, no doubt, thinks that if Phil just hangs around like a limp dishrag than he should be used as such. Since Marmaduke usually uses Phil as toilet paper, Phil should be happy.

Some secret message could be hidden in the background, where we see that someone has painted the kitchen blue and has left a bucket of blue paint behind.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

In this strip we see that Dottie has a friend over - a rare instance when the woman is permitted some form of entertainment other than catering to her family. The strip starts with Marmaduke atop his doghouse, ogling the female visitor from afar. Understanding that Marmaduke is interested in her, the guest suddenly calls to him, enticing the dog with the promise of a cookie.

Excitedly, Marmaduke descends from his doghouse like a monitor lizard. Starved for female companionship, he rushes to the woman. In what may be a first, Marmaduke ignores food, the offered cookie and those on the table forgotten. Instead he falls all over Dottie's friend in an open display of affection.

Dottie, the unsatisfied housewife, is clearly jealous. With Phil obviously failing in his husbandly duties to keep her fulfilled, Dottie has no doubt fantasized about the only other full-grown male creature in her life: Marmaduke. As her dog and her friend become more intimate, Dottie's jealousy grows. Bonnie, Dottie's friend, senses the tension. Enjoying playing the role of the rival, she encourages Marmaduke's amorous advances.

Finally Marmaduke can contain his urges no longer and attempts to mount the woman, much to her delight. At this point Dottie can bear no more, and rising, she drags the dog back to his doghouse, telling him that what her friend considered to be cute, she considered to be a pain in the ass. This could indicate that this pair may have actually had an intimate relationship or two in the past. In fact, Marmaduke is uncharacteristically submissive in being led away. Perhaps he simply used the guest to make Dottie jealous - a ploy which obviously worked.

The message: Cuckolded by his dog, Phil should just commit suicide.

One Year Ago (19 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

In horror, Dottie suddenly remembers that Marmaduke was kicked off their medical insurance when he turned 18.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Drunk on Long Island Iced Tea, the old man failed to heed Marmaduke's warning that his house was on fire.

Here we see Marmaduke looking over the fence and barking at the Winslow's neighbor with exemplary perseverance. The neighbor, lying in a lawn chair with a beverage next to him, is asking the dog why he doesn't text him instead. Why anyone would ask a dog to text its bark is beyond comprehension.

Really, it's not too likely that this old man, who has been retired for over 56 years, even has a cell phone. If he did, he'd be texting Phil to tell him to get his wimpy ass outside and shut his idiot dog up. A more likely reason for this comic is that Brad Davidson wants us to think that his comic strip is keeping up with the times, even though texting has been popular for several years already.

The only message here that I can see is that Marmaduke is habitually an annoying asshole. On top of this, Phil is habitually a cowardly asshole, doing nothing to stop his dog from being an annoying asshole.

One Year Ago (18 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Crawling on his stomach, Marmaduke navigates a minefield in order to eat the neighbors.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Dottie fails to realize that Marmaduke has long ago expired from her garlic breath.

Dottie is standing next to the couch, wearing a purple dress that seems to have been made by Fred Flintstone's tailor. She's whining that Marmaduke has gone to sleep while she's yelling at him. This should tell her either to brush her teeth more often, or to shut up as the dog obviously has no respect for her. However, she continues to yell.

The only thing that her yelling has produced is her wimpy husband. Phil is seen entering the room with a look of extreme anxiety, worried that he's going to be expected to take some action.

Marmaduke today has been brought to you by the letter "R," which is seen framed on the wall in the background.

One Year Ago (17 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Phil has been physically abused by an invisible dog leash.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Little did Marmaduke realize that the contributions were to put him in the animal shelter.

Marmaduke is holding a basket in his mouth without eating it. Phil is telling a man with a strange penguin-like creature on a leash that this is Marmaduke's trick. Phil is just desperate to make others think that he can actually teach the dog something.

A sign on the sidewalk says that Marmaduke is collecting for the animal shelter. People are so willing to dive that they're driving on the wrong side of the road to contribute. The only explanation for this could be that Phil has told the townspeople that the money is for the animal shelter to take Marmaduke, and put a stop once and for all to Marmaduke's wanton destruction.

Of course, once Marmaduke figures out what's really going on, he'll kick Phil's ass. And when Marmaduke isn't put away, the people will kick Phil's ass as well. And so what else can be said other than that Phil's an ass.

One Year Ago (16 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Tasked with babysitting, Marmaduke makes an example of one of the children to keep the others in line.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Wednesday. July 15, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Unable to achieve sufficient thrust to clear the roof, Marmaduke decides that the safest place to land is on the children.

Marmaduke appears to have suddenly sprung from the neighbors' yard, and is about to crash into a pool occupied by children. Although it seems like only a second should elapse between the appearance of the dog and the crushing of the children, one child has managed to find the time to say, "Uh-oh. Here comes another splashdown in the Hudson." In the time it takes to say this, the kids could have taken evasive action and cleared the pool; yet there they remain, waiting for their demise. Billy has even stretched his arms out as though waiting to catch Marmaduke.

How is all this possible, we may ask? A better question would be, how is the daily publication of this strip possible. Still another question would be, why have Brad and Paul Davidson waited six months after the crash of flight 1549 to try to make a joke out of it. True, they couldn't have made a swimming pool joke in January, but this joke really shouldn't have been made at all. There is little in common with birds taking down an airliner full of people and a birdbrained dog about to take out a pool full of kids.

The most disturbing thing though, is why is the strange brown-haired kid comparing the swimming pool to the Hudson River, which still has problems with raw sewage?

One Year Ago (15 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

His face a mask of guilt, Marmaduke hoped that Phil wouldn't figure out what had really been going on in the bathtub.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Only after Marmaduke had eaten his wife, did Phil realize that he had forgot to feed the dog.

Phil has apparently asked Marmaduke to fetch his slippers. Phil is delusional, thinking that he has some authority over his dog (or anyone else in the house for that matter).

In this strip we see that Phil has brought Dottie's slippers, probably having eaten Dottie to get them. Phil is looking at the slippers with a look of utter sorrow. His misery is not over the possible loss of his wife, but because Marmaduke has brought him pink, fuzzy slippers. Phil tells Marmaduke, "Wrong fetch." Marmaduke however, knows perfectly well what he did and it was no accident. He is gloating in Phil's face, as if to say, "Yeah, I brought you girly slippers. So what are you gonna do y' big pussy, cry?"

The lesson: If you want something done right, stop being a wuss and show some authority.

One Year Ago (14 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Phil forgot to lock the liquor cabinet when he left for work that morning.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

While Billy babbles about Marmaduke's fuel intake, his friend seems more concerned as to whether or not the dog's emission system meets acceptable standards.

Billy is saying Marmaduke is a hybrid dog because he runs on food and water. His friend seems confused because all dogs run on food and water. Apparently Billy is comparing Marmaduke to a hybrid car, mistakenly thinking that two different fuel sources make a vehicle hybrid. In fact, Billy's comparison should be more in line with a normal internal combustion engine, which needs both fuel and air to run. A hybrid vehicle is one that uses two or more distinct power sources to move it, such as an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Marmaduke is not a hybrid as he is powered by his small brain, and nothing more.

Speaking of small brains, Billy can be forgiven for his ignorance since he's just a child. Phil can be forgiven for putting such stupid thoughts in the boy's head since he's just a cartoon. However, the writers of this strip should take just a minute or two to research something on the Internet if they don't know what they're talking about.

The lesson: Just because this comic strip is stupid doesn't mean its readers are.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Dottie and the kids have devised a plan to rid themselves of Phil for a few hours. The plan begins by waking Phil up from his hangover with a sense of urgency. Marmaduke, always happy to disturb his master's rest, readily joins in.

Having roused Phil from his drunken stupor, the family convinces him that he's late for work. Dottie even hurries him out the door when he stops to kiss the kids. Phil, dressed like a scarecrow, is so confused that he even believes he hears his ride coming. All is going according to plan until Marmaduke suddenly realizes that it's Sunday and stops Phil in his tracks.

The comic ends with Phil believing that Marmaduke wants hugs and kisses. This clearly shows the extent of Phil's drunkenness. Unfortunately we are left hanging as to the outcome. Will Phil kiss the dog and continue on his way? Will Phil realize it's Sunday and stay home, ruining Dottie's plans? Will Dottie kill the meddling dog? These questions - and many others - will be answered in the next episode of Marmaduke.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Starved for entertainment, Phil's neighbor has given Marmaduke a thermos full of coffee.

Marmaduke appears to have emerged from beneath the lawnmower and is now running in circles around it. Once again Phil is making up excuses for his dog's unacceptable behavior, telling his neighbor that the lawnmower reminds Marmaduke of the vacuum cleaner. If this is the case, then Dottie must have her vacuum switch on "reverse" and the Winslow's house must be a dusty mess.

The neighbor has actually left the confines of his fence, and has positioned himself for a better view of whatever it is that is about to transpire. Apparently he either anticipates the dog to bite the hot motor of the lawnmower, or more likely, for the dog to push Phil beneath the machine.

The message: Good entertainment deserves a front row seat.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Marmaduke plays dead to lure the children within eating range.

At first glance it appears that Phil has reached his limit and finally killed the beast. However, Phil's daughter knows her dad better than that. Barbie completely understands that Phil is an ineffectual wimp. So she's telling her friend that Marmaduke is comfortable as long as he's in Phil's chair.

In reality, the dog is only comfortable if he's disrupting someone's life. In this strip he's not only taken over the chair, but he's creating a tripping hazard for anyone crossing the living room.

So what can we learn from this. Well, look at Marmaduke. He's egotistical, pompous and self-indulgent. He lives a very comfortable life, yet he performs no worthwhile function. His well-being is totally at the expense of the labors of others. yet he has no regard for the rights or desires of those who support him. If he were a human, he'd be a politician.

One Year Ago (10 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Marmaduke decides the time is right to give his speech initiating the canine revolution, never thinking that he cannot speak, nor can his followers understand.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Phil brags proudly about Marmaduke's weather forecasting skills, saying that his bark indicates an approaching thunderstorm.

Marmaduke is barking at a bolt of lightning which has bypassed some nearby trees and has struck the grass between them. Phil, appearing drugged, is ignoring his companion and is addressing the readers, saying that "When it thunders there it barks here." After 56 years of living with Marmaduke he has apparently just learned that thunder disturbs dogs. Phil's companion, with pursed lips, seems to be ignoring Phil as well, and is staring at the house, most likely concerned about its leaning.

The hidden message here (if there be one) could lie in the mysterious disappearance of the Winslow's fence, which used to encompass their yard.

One Year Ago (9 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

"Marmaduke figures, if he's gonna destroy like The Terminator, he might as well look like The Terminator."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Tired of Phil's whining, Marmaduke decides to bury him.

Marmaduke is apparently trying to bury Phil like a large cat turd. This is the only thing in this comic that makes sense.

Phil appears to have initiated sort of project next to the Winslow's house. It would appear that Phil has the intent to irrigate his whole yard to plant crops. Or maybe he wants to build some lengthy driveway all the way to his back fence. Or it could be a canal, or even a landing strip. Who knows? All we can be certain of is that Marmaduke will mess it up and Phil will do nothing but whine.

In this strip, Phil is standing behind the dog with his foot on a shovel doing absolutely no work. Nonetheless, he takes no steps to move himself out of the way of the flying dirt. The message here is that, since Phil already has a shovel, he should just bury his head in shame.

One Year Ago (8 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Sobbing hysterically, Marmaduke shows a guest what he lost while at the veterinarian's.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

New Barfoo Dog Food! Bought to you by the makers of Vomitoo, Ralphoo and Up-Chuck Wagon.

With a name like "Barfoo," it has to be good.

Either Marmaduke has his tongue stuck to the screen, or he's barfing on it. Whatever the case, it's been going on since Phil got the TV, and the TV is obviously being destroyed. As usual, Phil is too impotent to do anything to stop it.

In this strip, it appears that Phil, knowing his incompetence, has called in help. Apparently the guy in the other chair is some sort of canine obedience trainer, as Phil is whining to him that Marmaduke's unacceptable behavior towards the TV has been going on since they purchased it. The guy in the other chair is probably wondering why Phil doesn't just turn off the TV when the dog food commercial comes on. Should he ask, he'd probably be told that Marmaduke controls the remote.

So what have we learned here? That even though BARF may stand for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, it sounds like vomit to the average reader.

One Year Ago (7 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Caught burying her husband in a shallow grave, the old woman thought, "And I'd have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddling dog!"

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Here's the World War I Flying Ace in his trusty Sopwith Camel, returning from a successful mission against an enemy shoe factory.

Marmaduke has apparently ransacked a local shoe store and is now enjoying the spoils of his plunder, devouring the shoes one by one. Judging by the number of shoes in the yard, he must have made numerous trips to the source of the shoes, only stopping when part of his right, rear leg fell off.

Phil undoubtedly witnessed this unlawful appropriation of shoes in progress, but as usual, he lacked the courage to stop it. This time he doesn't even try to make excuses to his neighbor for his subservience to his dog. He merely says, "He believes you can never have too many shoes. Marmaduke is looking at the reader as if to say, "Is Phil an ass or what?"

At the fence, Phil's portly neighbor is taking too much interest in a dog gnawing on a shoe. He has probably already called the police and is waiting for the real action to start.

Marmaduke today has been brought to you by the letter "S," which is clearly visible for unknown reasons in the trunk of the Winslow's tree.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

One Year Ago (5 July 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Phil giggles as Marmaduke suffers cardiac arrest and keels over backwards.

Sunday, July 5, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

In the first panel, Dottie announces that the family is going on a picnic. In the second panel, Marmaduke appears to have suffered a stroke. With his mouth distorted, he tries to bark but can only produce strange sounds such as "Wauf" and "Whuf." Eventually Marmaduke recovers, and the family leaves in their van. Marmaduke's great size requires him riding with his head out the back. Happy to have recovered, he goes down the street saying a normal doglike "Woof."

At the park, Marmaduke plays in the toxic waste. This causes him to grow an extra limb and green flippers, not to mention growths on his body and his eyes turning green. During this mutant phase, Marmaduke frolics alone and the Winslows apparently enjoy their picnic.

Eventually Marmaduke returns to normal however, and he begins terrorizing his owners as usual. After eating a baseball and all of the hot dogs, the Winslows can take no more. Despite Marmaduke's size, they manage to wedge him under the van, most likely by driving the van over him. With the beast out of the way, the family can enjoy the fireworks in peace.

And so we see that through teamwork, we can overcome those who exploit and abuse us.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

One Year Ago (4 July, 2008) Marmaduke Recaptioned

Distracted by Dottie's babbling, the lifeguard failed to notice that people were melting on their beach blankets.

Saturday, July 4, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Phil begins to think that Marmaduke has been spending too much time digging at the toxic waste dump.

Marmaduke, starved for attention, blocks his owner's TV in order to do his imitation of Cerberus, the three-headed dog. Never having learned to count however, Marmaduke ends up with a fourth head.

Another possibility here, is that the multiple heads represent that Marmaduke is moving at great speed, in which case he must be eating his owners' television.

Whatever is happening, Phil's vision is blocked, and instead of taking action and removing the dog, he merely sits in his chair and whines.

The meaning here is, don't invest in a high-tech TV if you're too stupid to figure out how to record and playback.