Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

In the first panel, Dottie announces that the family is going on a picnic. In the second panel, Marmaduke appears to have suffered a stroke. With his mouth distorted, he tries to bark but can only produce strange sounds such as "Wauf" and "Whuf." Eventually Marmaduke recovers, and the family leaves in their van. Marmaduke's great size requires him riding with his head out the back. Happy to have recovered, he goes down the street saying a normal doglike "Woof."

At the park, Marmaduke plays in the toxic waste. This causes him to grow an extra limb and green flippers, not to mention growths on his body and his eyes turning green. During this mutant phase, Marmaduke frolics alone and the Winslows apparently enjoy their picnic.

Eventually Marmaduke returns to normal however, and he begins terrorizing his owners as usual. After eating a baseball and all of the hot dogs, the Winslows can take no more. Despite Marmaduke's size, they manage to wedge him under the van, most likely by driving the van over him. With the beast out of the way, the family can enjoy the fireworks in peace.

And so we see that through teamwork, we can overcome those who exploit and abuse us.

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