Friday, July 3, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Phil, concerned about the cost of syrup, is oblivious to the fact that Marmaduke is about to devour a small table.

Phil has apparently complained about his wife giving their dog syrup. His wife has comforted him by informing him that it's not syrup, but some old gravy. Most likely Dottie feels that this is the easiest way to dispose of the unwanted gravy, as Marmaduke will eat anything. Why she has prepared a large waffle, instead of just pouring it on Marmaduke's dog food, is a mystery. An even bigger mystery is why she has elevated the dog's food on a small table. Still furthering the mystery is the bucket in the foreground, which appears to be filled with even more gravy. But as with all Marmaduke comics, the biggest mystery of all is, where's the humor?

So since there's no humor here, what hidden messages are there? Well, waffle means to speak or write equivocally. Gravy refers to money easily obtained. So could the message be that anyone can make bucketfuls of easy money and live an elevated lifestyle by writing an ambiguous comic? That seems to make more sense that Dottie feeding Marmaduke a gravy covered waffle elevated on a little table with a bucket full of gravy nearby.

But what about the wall in the room angling off about about 45 degrees. Sigh. Life was so much simpler before I started looking at this comic.

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