Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Only after Marmaduke had eaten his wife, did Phil realize that he had forgot to feed the dog.

Phil has apparently asked Marmaduke to fetch his slippers. Phil is delusional, thinking that he has some authority over his dog (or anyone else in the house for that matter).

In this strip we see that Phil has brought Dottie's slippers, probably having eaten Dottie to get them. Phil is looking at the slippers with a look of utter sorrow. His misery is not over the possible loss of his wife, but because Marmaduke has brought him pink, fuzzy slippers. Phil tells Marmaduke, "Wrong fetch." Marmaduke however, knows perfectly well what he did and it was no accident. He is gloating in Phil's face, as if to say, "Yeah, I brought you girly slippers. So what are you gonna do y' big pussy, cry?"

The lesson: If you want something done right, stop being a wuss and show some authority.

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