Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

In this strip we see that Dottie has a friend over - a rare instance when the woman is permitted some form of entertainment other than catering to her family. The strip starts with Marmaduke atop his doghouse, ogling the female visitor from afar. Understanding that Marmaduke is interested in her, the guest suddenly calls to him, enticing the dog with the promise of a cookie.

Excitedly, Marmaduke descends from his doghouse like a monitor lizard. Starved for female companionship, he rushes to the woman. In what may be a first, Marmaduke ignores food, the offered cookie and those on the table forgotten. Instead he falls all over Dottie's friend in an open display of affection.

Dottie, the unsatisfied housewife, is clearly jealous. With Phil obviously failing in his husbandly duties to keep her fulfilled, Dottie has no doubt fantasized about the only other full-grown male creature in her life: Marmaduke. As her dog and her friend become more intimate, Dottie's jealousy grows. Bonnie, Dottie's friend, senses the tension. Enjoying playing the role of the rival, she encourages Marmaduke's amorous advances.

Finally Marmaduke can contain his urges no longer and attempts to mount the woman, much to her delight. At this point Dottie can bear no more, and rising, she drags the dog back to his doghouse, telling him that what her friend considered to be cute, she considered to be a pain in the ass. This could indicate that this pair may have actually had an intimate relationship or two in the past. In fact, Marmaduke is uncharacteristically submissive in being led away. Perhaps he simply used the guest to make Dottie jealous - a ploy which obviously worked.

The message: Cuckolded by his dog, Phil should just commit suicide.

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