Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

New Barfoo Dog Food! Bought to you by the makers of Vomitoo, Ralphoo and Up-Chuck Wagon.

With a name like "Barfoo," it has to be good.

Either Marmaduke has his tongue stuck to the screen, or he's barfing on it. Whatever the case, it's been going on since Phil got the TV, and the TV is obviously being destroyed. As usual, Phil is too impotent to do anything to stop it.

In this strip, it appears that Phil, knowing his incompetence, has called in help. Apparently the guy in the other chair is some sort of canine obedience trainer, as Phil is whining to him that Marmaduke's unacceptable behavior towards the TV has been going on since they purchased it. The guy in the other chair is probably wondering why Phil doesn't just turn off the TV when the dog food commercial comes on. Should he ask, he'd probably be told that Marmaduke controls the remote.

So what have we learned here? That even though BARF may stand for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, it sounds like vomit to the average reader.

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