Friday, July 3, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

"No Marmaduke, we cannot paint the van to look like The Mystery Machine. And stop calling me Shaggy!"

Marmaduke is pressuring Phil to buy a hamburger-with-cheese air freshener for the car. The "Pet Stuff" store in the background leads us to believe that Marmaduke wants Phil to buy said air freshener there; however, pet stores generally don't sell air fresheners, so it is quite possible that Marmaduke is trying to sell Phil one himself. Whatever the case, Phil is unwilling to assert any authority over his pet. Although he obviously doesn't want such an air freshener, he fears reprisal from the colossal canine should he refuse. In fact, he is even asking Marmaduke what will befall him should he not agree to such an air freshener.

The main question here is how Marmaduke, incapable of speech, has conveyed to his owner his desire to have an air freshener. It seems that the stress of being dominated by his overgrown beast is beginning to take its toll on Phil's sanity. Another question is, from where will the air freshener hang, given the fact that the car has no rear view mirror. But the main question that arises is what has Phil done to make the car so foul smelling that a large, malodorous dog is requesting something to freshen the air.

Perhaps the true meaning of this strip lies in the mysterious "E" which is leaning in the doorway to the pet store.

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