Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday July 2, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

With a meaningful look, Marmaduke ensures his mistress that it's only a matter of time before they're sharing Phil's life insurance benefits.

Something is undeniably wrong with Phil in this strip (aside from his normal pusillanimous nature). He appears rather inebriated, and it seems that Marmaduke may have brought him back from the local bar. This assumption is supported by the fact that Marmaduke's expression and wagging tail indicate that he expects some sort of a reward from Dottie. Dottie greets her intoxicated husband at the door. Suppressing her displeasure, she informs him that his friend wants him to go jogging. No doubt she hopes that her husband will vomit himself into a coma.

There appears to be some hidden meaning in the strange scene that appears beyond the door. Despite the fact that Marmaduke continuously lays waste to the Winslow's yard, in this strip we see that someone has not only cleaned it up, but planted sod as well. Unfortunately I can offer no explanation for this phenomena.


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