Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

To keep the dog out of trouble, Phil encourages Marmaduke to take up sports.

Having apparently ransacked a Sporting Goods Store, Marmaduke seems quite pleased with himself. Phil is surveying the scene and telling his neighbor that Marmaduke is a four-letter dog. Most people in the town have some four-letter words for Marmaduke, and probably some stronger words for Phil.

As always, Phil does nothing to discipline the dog. He seems to expect everyone to forgive Marmaduke for any and all of his transgressions, simply because Marmaduke is a dog and doesn't know any better. Despite having the strength of three horses, Marmaduke supposedly has the innocent mind of a child. Above we see Marmaduke smiling happily, surrounded by his ill-gotten goods, while Phil, always the victim, looks helplessly on, unwilling and unable to take corrective action.

But things are not always as they seem. Note the bowling ball between Phil and the dog. It would be quite difficult for even a large dog to transport a bowling ball. This would indicate that Marmaduke may have had human assistance.

My guess is that Phil is a kleptomaniac. It is he that has stolen all of the sporting equipment, as well as the other articles that appear around the Winslow yard from time to time. Knowing that Marmaduke has a bad reputation, Phil frames the dog hoping that Marmaduke's inability to reason will get him off the hook each time. Should he get caught, Phil says the dog did it, and returns the merchandise. Should he not get caught, he simply gathers up the articles and stores them in his house. I think the police would hit the jackpot should they search Phil's basement.

Summary: Phil's an ass.

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