Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

Responding to a report on salmonella, Marmaduke courageously sacrifices himself to save the little girl.

Barbie is telling Marmaduke to mind his table manners. However, Marmaduke appears to be acting quite cultivated and refined as compared to normal. Not only does the food remain on the table, but the table itself is still upright and Barbie has even managed to remain in her chair. Instead of chastising the dog, the girl should be offering praise that Marmaduke did not devour her to get to the food. If anyone deserves to be chastised, it's the idiot parents for allowing such an undisciplined beast into the room at mealtime.

Note that Billy, seeing his sister's food about to vanish, has stuffed his cheeks in anticipation that his plate will fall victim to Marmaduke next. However, since nothing seems to be missing from his plate, it could be that he has contracted the mumps.

The hidden message in today's Marmaduke lies in the scribble in the upper right of the panel. Since the name Paul has been appearing before Brad Anderson, the comic sometimes actually resembles scenes from our own world, as opposed to the melted and surreal scenes of old.

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