Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Marmaduke Analyzed

For once this comic starts out funny. In the first two panels we see that Marmaduke is pissed at his owners so he takes a dump in their little red wagon. Had the comic ended here I may have actually smiled. Unfortunately though, it drags on.

Marmaduke's obese and elderly neighbor wants to know why Marmaduke is barking. His physique would indicate that he probably has heart problems and the dog's ruckus is causing him stress. A large pig who I assume to be the man's wife, volunteers to go find out. Returning, she claims that the Winslows have banished Marmaduke to the yard for chewing on the remote and eating a roast beef dinner, among other things. Her sympathy for Marmaduke indicates that she learned this from the dog himself, and not from the Winslows. In the end she announces that Marmaduke is so angry that he's coming to live with them. To confirm this, we see Marmaduke pulling his doghouse on the little red wagon that he had defecated in.

Throughout the strip, Marmaduke never once utters a word of English, his only sounds being woof and whuf, with a solitary wuf thrown it. We are left wondering how this woman was able to understand this woofing and whuffing. Also unexplained is how Marmaduke was able to put his house on the little red wagon.

As the only one in the whole strip with enough body strength to life the house is the pig-woman, we are led to the conclusion that she has fabricated the whole story and, placing Marmaduke's house on the wagon, has enticed the dog to their house with the promise of more remotes. Had this strip continued for one more panel, we would probably see the old man on the floor in cardiac arrest, and the woman happily reading his life insurance policy.

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